Needle free Injection


For someone who is terrified of needles, Injex system helps them overcome some of the fear of coming to the dentist. .

It uses an injection ampoule with a micro orifice through which anaesthetic is administered under dosed pressure to the submucosa, without a needle, virtually painlessly and exactly where it is needed. You only feel a pressure on your gums as you inject and you hear a ‘pop’ but the pain is gone.

The result is a significantly quicker rise to a pain-eliminating level. Studies have shown effects in just a few seconds (1 to 90 secs) after administering the anesthetic.

 Can it be used with Children?

Even very young children can be treated (kor-perich, 2002) who are especially pleased with the needle-free injection.

The stress for accompanying parents is also reduced significantly due to the shorter treatment time and practitioners feel less stress when administering local anaesthetic due to the lower risk of injury.