General Dentistry

Examinations, hygiene & x-rays

During your examination, general gum condition will be evaluated for any signs of gum diseases which can lead to early tooth loss. Dr. Tony will review the oral soft tissues for any sign of abnormality which is an important screen for diseases such as early-stage oral cancer. Each tooth will be checked for signs of tooth decay, and X-rays will be taken if required. Old fillings will be checked thoroughly for any sign of leakages, expecially the older-style amalgam (silver) fillings.

We provide professional cleaning to remove substances such as bacteria, plaque and calculus- a mineralised deposit of plaque that can only be removed by professional cleaning.

A regular visit and a professional cleaning are recommended every six months so that problems can be identified early and treated more easily and usually more affordably.

Gum Disease

Typically, gum disease can occur when patients do not floss and brush their teeth regularly, or when visits to the dentist are not regular. Plaque is the primary harbour for bacteria that hides in thesmall spaces between teeth. Flossing is critically important in removing harmful bacteria that creates tooth decay and gum disease.

Fluoride and Fissure Sealant

A fluoride treatment or fissure sealant are recommended to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride covers the tooth surface and is proven to resist acid attacks and reduce hypersensitivity and decay.

Fissure sealant is a clear resin coating that is applied to the deep cavity-prone fissures of the back teeth, providing a physical barrier against decay. You can learn more about these procedures on this website under “children’s Dentistry”.

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Gum disease Fluoride and fissure sealant