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Tooth Whitening is a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive treatment that whitens teeth which are discoloured by damage sustained during teeth formation in childhood, natural ageing, or staining by coffee, tea, juices, red wine and cigarettes.

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The appearance of the gums plays an important role in the general aesthetics of a smile. People who have excess gum covering the front teeth are often self-conscious about their “gummy” smile. Whether in combination with other cosmetic Dentistry procedures, or on its own, a ‘gum lift’ can produce a remarkable improvement of their appearance, and also the size, shape and emerging appearance of the teeth.

“Gummy” smiles are a common problem, caused by overgrowth of the gum tissue that then covers the teeth. This can be caused by a variety of things, including heredity (from your family) health conditions, and even the use of some common high blood pressure medications. These reasons can cause a smile to look crooked or lop-sided, or make the teeth seem smaller. Such problems can be easily corrected with new and gentle techniques that have been developed. A simple procedure known as a cosmetic gum lifting is a treatment, which involves the removal of gum tissue to make the teeth appear longer and make the gum-line even.

Gum lifting – a simple procedure that can produce ideal results, with minimum impact on the patient.

Your Visits

The number of appointment times depends on the amount of the excess gum tissue that needs to be removed. Generally it may only be required for one or two teeth to create harmony and symmetry. This procedure is performed in one visit and healing is usually quick with relatively little discomfort. The followed up visits also required to check the results.

There are times when reshaping the gum tissue alone is not enough and a more in depth procedure may be required. In those circumstances the bone at the front of the root of the teeth may have to be reduced together with the gum from the margin of the bone.


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