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Bonding is used to describe procedures where tooth-colored dental resins and composites are used to improve small irregularities. It requires only a minimal amount of tooth reduction thus making it a very conservative procedure and can be completed in only a single visit.

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1. The tooth is prepared by etching its surface with a gel.

2. Then the surface is painted with a bonding liquid that sets firmly with a special curing light.

3. Next, a composite resin is moulded onto the tooth and shaped. The special light is used to harden it.

4. It is then further shaped and highly polished creating a very natural appearance.
Long-Lasting Results

The bonded composite has an average life of four to eight years, and often lasts longer depending on how and where in the mouth it is applied and how it is maintained.

Bonding material is made of a resin. It is not as strong as veneers and is more prone to chipping or breaking, but is easily repaired. The area can also be touched up and even re-bonded over time as necessary.

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