Cosmetic Dentistry

Your teeth and smile have an enormous impact on your first impression. A beautiful smile can initiate opportunities for romance and career success.

“Staightness and whiteness of teeth, and the sincerity of a person’s smile.” are the first characteristics that people notice and judge. Given how much you are judged by your smile, it is only natural that conficence and self esteem are linked to your teeth.

Dr Tony is always gratified to hear his cosmetic dentistry patients’ success stories. New opportunities are created in life by simply smiling, when you are no longer embarrassed by your teeth and afraid to be judged. Our cosmetic dentistry patients often tell us ” My new smile has changed my life”.

What does Cosmetic Dentistry involve?

Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of procedures, form simple tooth-whitening to repairing or replacing unattractive teeth. Many cosmetic procedures are simple and can be completed in only one or two visits. Cosmetic dentistry can also be utilised as an alternative to metal braces, which may be considered uncomfortable or embarrassing.

is one of the few North Shore dental practices that offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry. Dr Tony’s passion for enhancing patient lifestyles through cosmetic dentistry has made him an authority on the latest techniques and a benchmark for the highest standards. His experiences and aesthetic skills in combination with quality materials will provide you with a truly beautiful smile. We look forward to hearing about the new experiences your beautiful smile has brought into your life. Please call 9989 8966 to make an appointment.

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